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Denny's Is Offering $99 Las Vegas Weddings This Valentine's Day

Denny's Is Offering $99 Las Vegas Weddings This Valentine's Day

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Denny's is offering a Valentine's Day special on Las Vegas weddings this year


You can get married at Denny's and celebrate with pancakes afterwards.

Not everybody wants a big church wedding. For those people, Denny’s just announced a cool new Valentine’s Day promotion, and any couples wishing to get married at Denny’s Las Vegas flagship can do so for less than a hundred dollars.

Getting married at a Denny’s may not be the most traditional route, but according to Delish’s Madison Flager, Denny’s opened its Vegas chapel in 2013, and the space has been available for ceremonies and vow renewals ever since. Normally wedding packages at Denny’s chapel start at $199, but this year the chain decided to give bridal couples a special discount package they can use if they get married on February 14.

For $99, Denny’s Valentine’s Day wedding special includes use of the Denny’s chapel, a silk presentation bouquet and boutonniere, the ceremony certificate and a Champagne toast at the end. The Valentine’s Day special requires a reservation at least two hours in advance, and reservations can be made online.

For those looking to go a little bit fancier, the everyday Denny’s wedding package is still available for the regular price of $199. That package includes everything in the Valentine’s Day package, as well as use of the photo booth, two wedding T-shirts, a wedding cake made of Denny’s Pancake Puppies, which are basically cake pops filled with pancakes instead of cake, and a coupon for two Original Grand Slams on the couple’s next visit to Denny’s.

Couples have gotten married at Costco, and as of this summer, Taco Bell also has a Las Vegas chapel that hosts weddings. Marriages that begin at unconventional wedding venues can last just as long, too. A couple that got married at Pizza Hut 40 years ago still celebrates their anniversary there every year. With 1,700 Denny’s locations in the world, anybody who takes advantage of this offer will almost always have a romantic anniversary option nearby. Any Denny’s superfans should also check out these 9 things you didn’t know about Denny’s.

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