Radautean soup

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For radautean soup boil the chicken breast and the roots, all cleaned and washed well.

Let everything boil well, well (test the vegetables by inserting the fork) strain, and in the remaining juice (if it is too little, add more water) put the chicken breast that you cut into small pieces, the carrot and parsley cut into rounds.

Put the Radauti soup on the fire again.

Stir in a bowl 300-400 gr of sour cream, two egg yolks (remember, only the yolk!) and two tablespoons wheat flour or starch.

Take the pot aside and lightly pour the mixture into the Radauti soup, spreading it with a fork in the soup pot, so as not to make lumps (if it still does, it still happens, take them nicely with a strainer).

Put back on the fire for another 10 minutes, during which time you add more three cloves crushed garlic, a little vinegar, (here it depends on preferences, there are those who do not put vinegar in the pot but only when serving), salt and pepper to taste and chopped green parsley

carriages a little raw carrot in 30 ml oil and add to the Radauti soup to give a beautiful color.

Good appetite!

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