Grilled chicken breast

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Very easy to make and digest;)

  • 1 boneless chicken breast
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 tablespoon oil

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Grilled chicken breast:

The washed meat is portioned and lightly beaten on one side.

Prepare a special grill pan, season the meat and put it on the right heat, turning it from time to time so that it does not burn.

Wash the rice well in cold water, and then put it in a saucepan with a little oil and let it soften a little.

Extinguish with a little water, season to taste with salt and pepper and leave it for about 7-8 minutes on the right heat.

Serve the meat and rice with a salad or whatever you want!

Grilled chicken breast with a & quottwist & quot


4 halves of chicken breast (about 100 g each), without skin and bone
a quarter teaspoon of salt
a pinch of black pepper
a third cup of finely chopped green onions
a tablespoon of chopped hot peppers
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
125 g cranberry jam
optional: 125 g orange jam
2 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped
a tablespoon and a half of lemon juice
2 tablespoons cream cheese

Sprinkle with salt and pepper on the chicken breast pieces. Heat a grill pan over medium heat and cook the chicken for 5 minutes on each side or until ready. Keep warm.

Mix the onion, hot pepper, vinegar and the 2 jams in a medium bowl. Mix a tablespoon of coriander and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Mix a tablespoon of coriander, a teaspoon and a half of lemon juice and cream cheese in a small bowl, mixing well to a homogeneous consistency. Put the cranberry sauce generously on a plate. Put the chicken on the blueberry sauce and decorate with a teaspoon of coriander cream on top.

The unexpected combination of flavors will give a new dimension to any grill - the dry flavor of the steak grilled chicken breast it's like a canvas for the sour and consistent taste of the blueberry sauce and for the invigorating surprise of a stinging coriander sauce!

Grilled spicy chicken breast is a very delicious food, easy to prepare and can be served with your favorite garnish, but if it's grilled, we can try grilled potatoes. Peeled and deboned chicken breast is cut into cubes of the right size. In a bowl, mix the sour cream with curry and chili and pour this mixture over the chicken breast pieces. Let it cool for at least 3 hours, but I left the meat to marinate overnight.

We heat the grill. )) the job that belongs exclusively to men, as well as the entire technological process related to the preparation of the grill and the frying of meat. ))

On some skewer sticks, kept in water, beforehand, we infuse the pieces of meat and put them on the grill, until they brown nicely, the meat being sufficiently penetrated.

Next to the spicy chicken breast, we put the packages of feta cheese on the grill, and leave it for about 10 minutes. Unwrap at the time of serving with the chicken breast and sprinkle a little chopped basil.

Simple grilled chicken breast with basil and strawberries

Chicken, strawberry, lettuce, basil and balsamic vinegar - here is the irresistible combination of ingredients in this recipe grilled chicken breast with basil and strawberries, simple, tasty and at the same time dietary.

Grilled chicken breast with basil and strawberries is a Low carb food rich in protein, which is relatively low in fat and calories. One serving contains less than 300 kcal, 7 g of carbohydrates, and, on the other hand, has up to 40 g of protein. I recommend serving it simply, but if you want, you can also add salad, quinoa, rice or baked potatoes.

This light food is great especially in summer, when we reduce the amount of food consumed naturally and prefer lighter foods. You can also enjoy it at dinner - it does not fall hard on the stomach, but at the same time it is full.

You can cook the chicken in a grill pan or on the outdoor or electric grill. You should not leave it on the fire too long to prevent it from drying out.

Simple grilled chicken breast with basil and strawberries is a delicious dish, so you should try it every time you feel like chicken. And don't forget the balsamic vinegar! Bon appetit :)

Grilled chicken breast with broccoli

1. Heat the grill and separately put a pot of boiling water and a little salt.

2. Cut the chicken breast into strips, season with salt and pepper.

Add oil and a little lemon juice.

Mix lightly and fry for 3-4 minutes on one side and 3-4 minutes on the other.

3. Cut the broccoli bouquets, wash them well and then put them in boiling water.

Leave for 3 minutes and take them out.

4. Arrange the brisket pieces and the broccoli bouquets on a plate :).

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Ingredients Grilled chicken

1 whole chicken for grill
5 cloves garlic
juice from 2 lemons
150 ml brandy (or wine or whiskey)
1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika
1/2 teaspoon hot pepper
1/2 teaspoon pepper
5 bay leaves +1 teaspoon dried ground oregano (in coffee machine)
2 teaspoons soft butter
sea ​​salt

Preparation Grilled chicken

  1. The day before preparing the grill, I washed the chicken, dried it with napkins and then salted it normally with sea salt. I left it in the fridge until the next day.
  2. I've prepared marinade: I crushed the garlic and mixed it in a jar with the lemon juice, cognac, butter, paprika, pepper and the mixture of bay and oregano. I shook the jar well.
  3. I put the chicken with the pipette up and cut it along the chest. I turned it upside down and pressed the chicken until it flattened well. I stabbed him with a sharp knife on the entire surface, to get the marinade flavor into the meat.
  4. I placed it in the special grill that can be seen in the picture to turn it easier, in a single movement.
  5. Using a silicone brush I greased the chicken with marinade on both sides. I sprinkled a little more sea salt.
  6. I heated the electric grill and fried it. After 10 minutes I turned it over. Then I continued to turn it over every 5 minutes, greasing it each time with marinade. After about 45 minutes the chicken was ready. You can test it with the toothpick that you insert in different areas and if it pours clear (transparent) chicken juice it means it's done.
  7. Serve immediately.

1. Place the chicken with the breast up

2. Cut it in the middle of the chest

3. Turn it over and press until it flattens

4. Place it on the special grill and grease it with marinade

5. Close the grill and fry

Method of preparation

Place the chicken breast in a bowl over which the milk is poured, put the sliced ​​garlic and season with salt and pepper. Leave to marinate for 2-3 hours in the cold (preferably in the fridge).
Bake the peppers on the grill, peel and leave whole. The chicken is cooked on the grill, after the grill has been heated very well. Season with salt and pepper.
Place on a plate next to baked peppers and season with Unisol oil with Aromatic Herbs - Hot Peppers, Basil and Tomatoes.

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Grilled chicken breast - Recipes

In life it is good to leave a drop of yourself, in the food it is better to put a drop of Unisol.

Unisol oil with herbs, hot peppers, basil and tomatoes

4 thin slices of chicken breast

Baked chicken breast fruit

- 1 chicken breast
- 4 tablespoons soy sauce
- Vegeta
- olive oil
- salt
- pepper
- rosemary

Method of preparation:
1. Wash the chicken breast, then beat it like a snail.
2. Season with salt and pepper, then sprinkle with rosemary.
3. Put the chicken breast in a pan greased with olive oil, and pour the soy sauce on top.
4. Put the tray in the oven on the right heat and leave it until it is ready.

You would choose to prepare anyway chicken breast steak, grilled or baked, it will come out tender and very tasty.

I am Delicious Vaslui with real chicken taste.

Either in winter or in summer, the grilled chicken breast is the ideal meal for children and adults, at any time of the day, being recommended for a diet, for a supple, beautiful body and a bright face.

But how do we make chicken breast right so that it doesn't come out raw or overcooked?

Tricks from specialists, dearly handed to you, for a successful barbecue, to the liking of anyone who cooks:

1. Frying:

  • Leave the Delicious chicken from Vaslui to reach room temperature (21-22 degrees Celsius).
  • Then put it on a grill, over a low heat (set the embers aside if they are grilled with embers).
  • Rotate it on all sides, 12-15 minutes, maybe 18 if the chest is thicker.

2. Verification:

  • Take a metal spike, stick it in the chicken breast, in the thickest part.
  • Hold it there for 5-6 seconds.
  • Then stick it to the wrist on the inside.
  • If it's hot (it won't burn you, stay calm), the chicken is done enough.
  • If it's just lukewarm, leave the chicken on the grill (or pan) for another 4-5 minutes.

3. Safety net:

  • When you put the chicken breast on the grill, turn on the oven and let it heat up to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • If you have the feeling that your chicken is browning too much on the outside (maybe you had the fire too hard, the embers are too close, etc.) and in the middle it is still just warm, take it off the grill and keep it in the oven for 5-6 minutes. hot.

As you would say Delicious from Vaslui, the grilled chicken breast will be ready, and you will be able to enjoy with all your loved ones a meal with real taste, only good to enjoy.