Boccelute with cherries

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The cherries are washed and cleaned of seeds, then drained in a strainer.

Make a flour dough, pre-rubbed butter, water added little by little, 1 egg, a pinch of salt and lemon juice. Knead well and let rest for an hour. Then spread a sheet of 5 mm and cut into large squares.

Drain the cherries with the caster sugar and place a few on each square. Then pack that square as you know it ... like a bag, wallet ... or bag. It doesn't even matter very much :)) Then grease the ball with an egg yolk and put it in the oven, on the right heat, neither too much, nor too much, for 40 minutes.

Powder them so hot that they are just taken out of the oven with some powdered sugar.

Enjoy ... and .... enjoy!

Cakes by Rebeca

This cake is part of the "simple and good" category. With minimal effort you get a delicious cake at least from my point of view the combination of chocolate with cherries is ideal.

To start, melt the butter with the sugar, cocoa and milk in a saucepan after it is homogenized and boiling, turn off the heat and leave them to cool. We keep 3/4 cup of this icing syrup. When the rest of the composition has cooled, add 4 yolks in a row, the flour previously mixed with the baking threshold and the beaten egg whites.
Place the composition in a pan greased with butter, sprinkle the cherries and put in the oven, over medium heat for 25-30 minutes, until it passes the toothpick test. While the cake is in the oven, prepare the syrup, that is, heat the remaining syrup (that 3/4 cup) with a chocolate. We pour this syrup hot over the cake fresh out of the oven. Let it cool and then cut it into cubes. You can garnish it with white chocolate or a little whipped cream. I left it simple, that it is perfect (by taste) and so on!
Good appetite!

And if you want to turn it into a more festive cake, put a word of whipped cream as in the image below! :)


Rebe, is 500 gr sugar correctly written in the recipe? It seems a bit like me :)
I'm Petronela Marisescu

It's correct Petronela, only I also reduce up to 400 g most of the time! :)

Cherry cake

I made this cake somehow carried away by the wave. I improvised on the theme & # 8222 cheese + cherries = love & # 8221 and it seems that I did the right thing. The cake was successful.

I used a cup and a half of flour, a packet of butter (200 grams), three tablespoons of yogurt, two egg yolks, a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of sugar. That's just for the dough.

I greased a pan with butter and spread the dough, which I kneaded for five or six minutes (it came out very soft, but it & # 8217 is not a bath, it spread lightly in the pan). I put the tray in the oven heated to 180 degrees Celsius and baked the dough for a quarter of an hour.

I mixed 600 grams of cottage cheese (lean) with three tablespoons of sugar, the peel of a lemon, two sachets of vanilla sugar (Bourbon), two egg yolks.

From this whole story, I chose four egg whites. I whipped them with a spoonful of sugar. I mixed them with the cheese.

I took the dough out of the oven (which had become a countertop in the meantime), sprinkled cherry compote on it, without seeds, and covered the cherries with cream cheese. I reduced the temperature to 165-170 degrees Celsius and baked the cake for 20 minutes.

I liked what came out but next time I will put an extra tablespoon of yogurt and less butter. I think you've made it clear that it's pretty cheap and easy. If you have any questions, I'm here :). Stay healthy.

Super Fudgio gluten-free chocolate wrapped cherries, organic, 50 g, ecological

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• The cherries in this appetizing preparation are freeze-dried.

• Cherries are wrapped in organic chocolate.

• A snack for children and adults alike, healthy, made from organic ingredients.


• With nutritious cocoa butter and rich in antioxidants.

• Made with raw (raw) coconut.

• One bag contains 50 g of cherries wrapped in gluten-free chocolate, certified organic product.

• Ingredients: chocolate * 89.5% (cane sugar *, cocoa mass *, cocoa butter *, coconut powder *, powdered rice drink *, sunflower lecithin *), cherries * 10%, cocoa butter *, glucose syrup *, gum arabic *, sunflower oil *, * = from organic farming.

• Nutritional values ​​/ 100g: energy: 2271kj / 545 kcal, fats: 35g of which 24g saturated, carbohydrates: 50g of which 42g sugars, fiber: 6.6g, protein: 4.0g, salts: 0.07g.

• Serve when you feel like a sweet snack.

• These chocolate wrapped cherries are ideal for an anniversary or special event.

• A wonderful dessert always at hand for any family member or for guests.

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Sweets recipes for diabetics

Seven years ago, the husband Andreea Perchik was diagnosed with diabetes. This change meant a new diet for the whole family.

"It simply came to our notice then that diabetes was not the end of the road. What I would like all diabetics to know: There is no hole in the sky that you are diagnosed with diabetes. It can be easily controlled by proper nutrition, by a healthy lifestyle ", says Andreea.

For all people with diabetes, the hardest part is giving up sweets.

"It was a shock to my husband when he found out he had diabetes. He was crazy about chocolate ", he says Andreea Perchik.

"Sweet taste is addictive and then it's hard for anyone to give up sweet taste altogether," he says. Dr. Simona Carniciu, doctor for diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases.

But diabetes does not mean giving up sweets for good. There are other sweeteners besides sugar. Among the artificial ones, aspartame, saccharin and cyclamate are approved by the most important world forums, but at the same time there are enough studies that incriminate them for the appearance of some diseases.

"We must avoid as much as possible to bring substances that we are not sure of their effects, especially in the long term, but what is natural, it is clear that it is thousands of years on the planet discovered or undiscovered," says Dr. Simona Carniciu.



Among the natural substitutes for sugar, xylitol it is the most controversial. Some doctors claim that it is natural, others that it is obtained by synthetic processes. And agave and corn syrups should be consumed with caution by diabetics, because they have a high amount of fructose. You can choose instead stevia extract.

"Stevia has a load of sweetening up to 200 more than sugar. Just like sugar, it has an almost identical taste, meaning it doesn't bother me at all, it satisfies my sweet taste, we fool it, we have no side effects ", says Dr. Simona Carniciu.

Just be careful to adjust the amount, whatever type of sweetener you use. Andreea, for example, does not use exact quantities, but tastes every time she makes a cake.

"I thought I'd do it this apple cake and not with another filling, because apples are extremely good for diabetics. It is a neutral fruit, which the diabetic can eat without any problem ", she explains.

Cinnamon is equally suitable for diabetics.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, so at least a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a day is recommended for any diabetic.

In the case of baked cakes, use sweeteners such as stevia extract. If you make cold desserts instead, you can also use honey.

"She is very healthy, she has some extraordinary properties, but we have a problem with carbohydrates and we know we are limited. A diabetic patient has a diet of 160-220, it depends, sometimes even more, on (grams of) carbohydrates, carbohydrates per day and then he must know how to divide them ", states Dr. Simona Carniciu.

Therefore, you shouldn't overdo it with honey either, but you can eat a slice of cake without any problems.

Although it is a little more expensive than the previous recipe, it can be used successfully at any festive meal, because it will look like a cake and not many will realize it's sweetener and not sugar.

You can make the base of the cake from a mixture of crushed biscuits and melted butter, which you put in the cold. While in the freezer, prepare the diet cheese, raisin and sweetener filling. Spread the cream over the counter and keep in the freezer for a few more hours, after which the cake can be eaten.

If you find it complicated, Andreea proposes a recipe that will be ready in less than 10 minutes: truffles with prunes and coconut flakes. First the plums must be kept in water for at least 30 minutes, then chopped in a food processor. When we have obtained the pasta from the dried fruits, we add grated coconut until we obtain a composition that will be easy to shape in the hand.

Andreea posts recipes for diabetics on

Careful! No dessert, no matter how healthy, should be consumed in excess. Doctors also recommend that people with diabetes measure their blood sugar frequently.

Puff pastry strudel & # 8211 A dream recipe, one of my favorites

With this recipe I addressed especially to lovers of fruits and foliage, in a combination of sweet and sour. Post says with his hand on his heart that this is the kind of cake I like the most.

Another reason why I recommend the recipe is that it is accessible and welcome for the fasting period, when not all of us can indulge in fine egg and milk creams, its taste being as complete as the others.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 800 g frozen foated dough
  • 1 jar of cherry compote without seeds 720ml
  • 50 g sugar
  • 10 g starch
  • 100 g hazelnuts or almond flakes
  • powdered sugar

Method of preparation

Drain the cherry compote in a strainer and keep the juice.

Dissolve the starch in a few tablespoons of cherry syrup.

Then measure about 120ml of cherry juice, add sugar, bring to a boil, then add the dissolved starch and let it boil for a few minutes to bind.

Take the pot off the heat and incorporate the cherries. Allow to cool.

Preheat the oven to 200oC. On the flour board, spread the sheet, which is cut into rectangles, with the twister.

The cherry composition is distributed on the dough sheets and rolled long. The rolls thus obtained are placed on a tray lined with baking paper.

Grease with a brush with a little water and sprinkle flaked hazelnuts on top. Bake in the prepared oven for 25 minutes.

Then take them out of the oven and let them cool on a kitchen grill. Finally sprinkle powdered sugar over the strudels, if desired.

Boccelute with cherries - Recipes

A pie as easy to make as it is tasty and quick to eat!
-Dough of the pie you will find here
- 6 large peaches
- 500 g cherries
-4 tablespoons sugar
-2 teaspoons of cinnamon
-a tablespoon of flour

In a bowl, put the peeled fruits, over the sugar, cinnamon and flour.

Stir gently (flour is put to absorb the juice that will leave the fruit).

Divide the dough into three. Sprinkle flour on the work table and put the first part of the dough. Spread it in a not too thin sheet, in a rectangle. In the middle we will put about 4 tablespoons of the fruit mixture.

We will cut the edges of the sheet into strips, as seen in the picture. Then we will turn the end of the sheet, from above, over the fruit filling.

Then we will take each strip of dough and spend it over the fruit, as in a braid.

We will do this with each piece of dough. We put them in the tray lightly greased with oil and floured. Then we put them in the preheated oven, about 25-30 minutes, until they brown nicely.

When they are ready, we powder them with powdered sugar and we can enjoy a delicious dessert!

Cherry charlotte - a dessert full of delicacy and flavor

Delicious fruit dessert from grandma's garden. It is an extremely simple, but very effective cherry cake, a cocoa dough, cheese. A gorgeous cake - brownie with sour cherry & # 8211 Tasty.

Culinary recipes: food and desserts, culinary recipes. TV Cheesecake with blueberries - the most ginning, healthy and appetizing dessert ever eaten! Cake with soft meringues and cherries.

Exceptional soufflé cake with cottage cheese and cherries. Peaches Melba is a delicious dessert with peaches, raspberry sauce and ice cream. The best raw vegan cake recipes. A delicious and very light dessert, the cake with cherries and coconut in three layers is ready. Articles from the last 30 days distributed on the Savuros page.

The way cookies and biscuits are arranged make this cake unique and. Lazy dumplings with cheese and cherries & # 8211 an ingenious, easy recipe. Before you actually start making the cake, turn on the oven (180-200 degrees) and prepare the tray.

Tosca cake, a delicious cake recipe.

Cake with cheese and cherries & # 8211 a tasty and very beautiful delicacy!

& # 8220Cheese and cherry cheesecake ”is an extremely tasty, aromatic, refined dessert with a special sweet-sour taste. This cake looks fabulous, it has a crumbly top, with a lot of delicate cheese and cherry filling. The recipe harmoniously combines cheese with fruit and creates a real delight that will please everyone!


-1.5 teaspoons of baking powder


-1.5 teaspoons vanilla sugar


1. dough. Sift the flour with the baking powder.

2. Cut the cold butter into cubes and mix it with the flour. Rub the mixture with your hands until you get crumbs. Add the egg and sugar and knead a soft and elastic dough.

3. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes.

4. Filling: mix the cheese with the sugar, add the vanilla sugar, cream and egg. Beat the ingredients with the mixer.

5. Distribute the dough in a greased pan with butter, forming 4.5 cm edges. Place the cheese and sour cherries on top and bake the cake for 40 minutes.

Mascot Cream with Walnut, Cherry and Raisins

Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar on a steam bath until it thickens and has the consistency of a cream.

Set aside and then cool, placing a food foil on top to prevent the formation of the crust on the surface of the cream.

Meanwhile, froth the butter well by mixing, then mix with sifted cocoa.

Incorporate 1 tablespoon of chilled egg cream in turn, mix well and continue the process until the cream is exhausted.

Then add the coarsely chopped walnuts and at the end the cherries and raisins (drained well).

Let cool for a few hours (preferably until the next day) wrapping the cream with cling film.

-like cream by the glass (pour into glasses and leave to cool until the next day optionally, garnish with chocolate, whipped cream and serve with almonds, biscuits, etc)
-for the classic "mascot" sweets (pour the cream into chocolate baskets, leave to cool for a few hours, then pour a lid or a grill of chocolate and seal the cream inside kept cold until serving)
-as well as cream for cakes, cakes (put the cream between the countertop / cake sheets and let it cool until the next day, slice and serve).