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McDonald’s Worker Accused of Spiking Customer’s Coke With a 'Tide Pod'

McDonald’s Worker Accused of Spiking Customer’s Coke With a 'Tide Pod'

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A man in Florida is claiming that a McDonald’s employee tried to “murder” him with a Tide Pod after he told her she had given him the wrong drink size. Lee Graves took to Facebook May 17 to share the incident with his followers, and even uploaded photos of him with an IV drip at the hospital.

“So how about the girl at McDonald’s tried to murder me today for telling her ‘this was supposed to be a large Coke,’” the 41-year-old began. “Evidently that warranted putting some kind of industrial Tide Pod in it (containing bleach) that made it erupt like a volcano 30 seconds later.”

The Jacksonville resident said he took a few big gulps to try and contain the fizzing, which is when he noticed that his beverage tasted a bit like chlorine. Not suspecting foul play at this time, Graves assumed the off-putting taste was a direct result of dental work he’d undergone recently. But after taking the lid off his pop, he allegedly discovered an oversized clump of blue goo.

The Florida State College at Jacksonville alum assumed the worker had spit in his soda, but when he dumped the drink an hour later, he claims to have found something “much worse.” Photo evidence shows a large, rock-like chunk of white foreign matter in the bottom of his paper cup. He assumed it was a Tide Pod or similar laundry detergent product.

“Fast forward to now and my stomach is cramping and I feel a little nauseous. I’ve had 2 rounds of blood work and 2 IVs and an EKG and some kind of pill. I’m already restless and ready to go home and will probably insist soon but they’re talking about keeping me overnight and possibly a GI scope,” Graves wrote on Facebook, adding that he’d filed reports with McDonald’s, the health department, and local police.

“I’m working 20 hr days right now and really don’t have time for this nonsense,” Graves said. “What kills me is I was on the phone at the time and literally just whispered, ‘this was supposed to be a large’ … it wasn’t like we had words. Smh.”

Edgard Gerena, the restaurant’s owner, told a local news outlet that the incident was under investigation, adding, “Serving my customers safe, high quality food and beverages is a top priority for me. We take this claim very seriously and are investigating the matter.”

The Daily Meal has reached out to McDonald’s and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for comment. For more food world injustice, check out the 10 funniest drunk arrests in the U.S.

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