Elena's cake

Countertop preparation:

The yolks are frothed with sugar. Add melted margarine but not hot. Then mix with the beaten egg whites (lightly). Finally add the flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder. Bake on medium heat for 35-40 min.

Cream 1: Mix walnuts with sugar and rum essence.

Cream 2: The yolks are mixed with the sugar and put on the steam bath. Mix until they have the consistency of a pudding. Add the cocoa at the end. Remove from the heat and cool. Separately mix the butter / margarine to be frothy. When the cream is warm (no hot because it "cuts" but not too cold to harden too much) add the butter / margarine and mix well.

Glaze:Melt 100 g of chocolate in 150 ml of liquid whipped cream.

Assembly: countertop, cream 1, cream 2, chocolate icing.

Elena Lasconi recipe: cheesecake

The winner of MasterChef & ndash The celebrity test offers you a modern Easter recipe for Easter, much simpler and just as tasty.

Pandispan ingredient:

Method of preparation:
I will keep the round shape and proceed as follows: I mix the cottage cheese with 250 gr caster sugar, 50 gr candied lemon (orange), finely chopped raisins, 100 gr raisins previously soaked in rum, the seeds from a vanilla pod. I line a round baking sheet (like a cake) with parchment paper and add the cheese mixture.

On top I make a pandispan of 6-7 eggs. The ingredients I use to make pandispan must be at room temperature. Beat the egg whites hard with 200 gr of sugar, add 200 gr of flour (freshly sifted). I do not use baking powder. I put the pandispan composition over the cheese and put it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius. In the first 15-20 minutes you should NOT open the oven because you risk compromising the whole cake.

Easter will be ready the moment you see that it starts to come off easily from the edge and has a golden color. When it's ready, I put the ceramic plate (in which I want to take out the Easter) over the upper part of the baking tin and I take the shape and the plate with two thick kitchen gloves and I turn the cake while it is hot. The operation must be done very quickly and carefully. The cheese whey is very hot and you can roast it. It is delicious, syrupy and much easier to make compared to the classic Easter. It can be served with a little fresh cream.

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Maria-Elena cake

Countertop 1: 6 egg whites, 6 tablespoons sugar, 6 egg yolks, half a baking powder, 6 tablespoons flour.
Countertop 2: another 6 egg whites, 6 tablespoons sugar, 250 grams ground walnuts, half a baking powder, 2 tablespoons flour. Cream: 6 yolks (left from countertop 2), 250 grams of powdered sugar, 2 or 3 vanillas, 2 tablespoons of flour and 250 ml of milk, 2 packets of butter.

Method of preparation: Proceed as follows:

Prepare the countertop 1: Beat 6 egg whites with 6 tablespoons sugar, 6 egg yolks, half a baking powder, 6 tablespoons flour. Bake in a greased pan lined with flour, over medium heat.
Prepare the countertop 2: beat another 6 egg whites with 6 tablespoons of sugar, add 250 grams of ground walnuts, half a baking powder, 2 tablespoons of flour. Bake in a greased pan lined with flour, over medium heat.
We prepare cream: 6 yolks (left from countertop 2) rub with 250 grams of powdered sugar, 2 or 3 vanillas, 2 tablespoons of flour and 250 ml of milk, then boil preferably on steam (but you can also over low heat in a good bowl which does not stick) until it thickens well. Let the cream cool, then rub the 2 packets of butter well (let the water out if it contains) then mix with the above composition, cooled. The cream obtained is divided into 2 parts. Once we put 2 tablespoons of cocoa and put it between the sheets, and put the yellow cream on top and grate the chocolate.

Cake Test: What quote & icircti describes destiny?

The cake is assembled as follows: yellow top greased with cocoa cream over which we place the walnut top which we grease with yellow cream, and on top we scrape the chocolate.

Cake & # 8220A night in Venice & # 8221 is a simple and easy to prepare delicacy, with a beautiful presentation, with a two-tone top, vanilla cream and chocolate icing. The top has coconut and cocoa flavors, vanilla and rum flavors. It is a refined and extremely tasty cake.

The cake is also known as & # 8220A Venetian Night & # 8221 or & # 8220Vis Venetian & # 8221. A strange name for a cake, but it seems to be one of the cakes loved by most people who follow my blog and asked me to do it too. I couldn't refuse, so here's the cake prepared especially for the blog's readers.

The vanilla cream I used in this recipe is the classic patisserie cream recipe.

If you like to prepare it homemade cake with fluffy top in two colors and vanilla cream, then cake & # 8220A night in Venice & # 8221 it will be the cake you will often pamper yourself with. It is very easy to prepare, even if the time allotted for preparation is a little longer. But you need patience to wait for the cream to cool well, then the icing. The cake will be cut only the next day after you prepare it or after a few hours, but not sooner than 6 hours in the refrigerator.

Find on the blog another cake with colored tops, vanilla cream and chocolate, similar as a way of preparation (cake & # 8220the Danube waves & # 8221), but you can also find two other braziers with white and black tops, glued together with jam or chocolate cream: cake & # 8220day and night & # 8221 or cake & # 8220duet in black and white & # 8221. Click on the recipe titles and you will be directed to them.

Coming back to cake & # 8220A night in Venice & # 8221 I have to tell you that I kept looking on the net for something that could make the connection between the name and the composition of the cake, but I didn't find anything. And, metaphorically, I found an explanation on my own: the icing and the cocoa top would represent the darkness of the night, and the yellow cream could be the moon. The white top could be the gondolas that walk the lovers on the city canals. If you have other explanations or you know where the name of this cake comes from, leave a comment on this post.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it cake & # 8220A night in Venice & # 8221.


For the coconut countertop:

1 teaspoon natural vanilla essence

For the cocoa top:

For vanilla cream:

seeds from 1 vanilla pod

For the glaze:

I prepared the coconut top first. I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they became a white and hard foam, then I added the sugar gradually and I mixed until the foam had a strong consistency, like meringue. I incorporated the flour, mixing lightly, from the bottom up.

I did the same with coconut. At the end I put the vanilla essence and mixed. I put the dough in the tray lined with baking paper and leveled.

I continued with the preparation of the cocoa top, but before going to work I turned on the oven at 180 ° C. In a bowl I sifted the flour with cocoa powder. I separated the egg whites from the yolks. I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then gradually added the sugar. I added the yolks and mixed for 5 seconds, then poured the oil and mixed with a spatula lightly. I incorporated the cocoa flour and mixed it with a spatula very lightly, from the bottom up, until the composition was homogenized.

I put the cocoa dough over the coconut dough. I baked the top made of two colored countertops for 20 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, then I took it out on a grill and let it cool.

During this time I prepared vanilla cream. I mixed the yolks with the sugar. I dissolved the flour with 150 ml of milk, then I poured it over the yolks and mixed. I heated the rest of the milk with the seeds from a vanilla pod. I poured the warm milk over the yolks, I mixed quickly, then I turned the composition on the fire and let it boil over low heat, stirring very often, until the consistency was as thick as pudding. I took it off the heat and put the butter over the cream. I mixed at maximum speed until the composition was homogenous. I let the cream wait 5 minutes. I put the top in the tray where I baked it to assemble the cake better. I put the cream on it, leveled it and let it cool completely.

To prepare the icing, I melted the chocolate in a bain-marie with milk, then I took it off the heat, I added the butter and I mixed it. I let it cool for 5 minutes, then I poured it over the vanilla cream.

To cut the cake you need a knife with a thin blade, very well sharpened. If you cut it faster and the icing has not hardened, you can easily remove it from the cream with a knife, so that it looks beautiful.

If you want to see how we prepared another recipe known to everyone, I leave below the video version for the crescent with nuts:

Here is how beautiful the cake made by Ioana Cihodaru is. Thanks for the pictures!

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