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Japan Gets Magic Love Apples for Halloween

Japan Gets Magic Love Apples for Halloween

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Japan’s most magical apples are also extraordinarily expensive

The Poison Apples of Love’s Desire for sale in Japan cost $105 apiece and promise to make a person fall in love with you.

Halloween is not known for being the most romantic holiday, but love might be in the air for some magically inclined romantics in Japan, who can buy special apples that claim to have actual magic powers.

According to Rocket News 24, Japan’s Black Cat Magic Shop sells magic items and spell-casting supplies, including these ultra-rare, magic love apples. They’re called the Poison Apples of Love’s Desire, and purchasers are advised to recite an incantation over them while imagining the person they want to love them. Then either the spell-caster or the object of the spell-caster’s affection is meant to eat the apple, at which point they will reportedly fall into a magic-induced affection.

The site does not address the morality of using magic to force a person to fall in love, but it does say the apples work just as well if baked into pies as if eaten raw. If the apples really could force people to fall in love, using them would be wildly unethical, so it’s for the best that they probably can’t. They still cost $105 apiece, though.