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Profiterol with whipped cream and melon ice cream

Profiterol with whipped cream and melon ice cream

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So, what to start with? With melon ice cream, obviously, because it has to stay cold overnight, I don't have an ice cream machine (still, isn't it R ??: P).

Mix the milk with the eggs, vanilla, 200 g of sugar and starch and put the mixture on the fire, until it thickens and becomes a fragrant cream, spreading the smell of vanilla throughout the neighborhood. Remove from the heat and place the brandy, then leave to cool.

Separately, after removing the seeds from the melon, clean the whole core nicely, pass it through a sieve and powder it with 50 gr of sugar, leaving it to cool for about half an hour. Then add the whipped cream and mix everything with the vanilla cream. How delightful!

Put in a portable form, or whatever boxes, boxes and other things you have, cool. Don't forget to take out the ice cream every two hours to mix the ice cream well. This is for those who don't have an ice cream machine ... yet! : P

dough it is very easy to make, it is the so-called hasty dough, which is used both for choux and for eclairs and profiterol. It is done like this: in a saucepan boil water with salt and butter. When it starts to boil, remove from the heat and add all the flour at once. Mix quickly and seriously until you get a homogeneous paste and the flour is incorporated. then let the composition cool for 10 minutes. Beat the eggs as for starch / omelette, then incorporate them into the composition, pouring a little and stirring continuously until the composition becomes glossy and homogeneous. We lined a tray with baking paper. We take from the composition with a spoon / teaspoon and we put lumps of dough leaving a distance of 4 cm between. Bake for 10 minutes at the temperature at which you heated the oven (stage 7/220) then reduce the heat and simmer for another 20 minutes. The donuts will grow beautifully and become hollow on the inside. In any case, spy on everything from the closed oven door. Do not open it in any form for the first 20 minutes. When under cooked, take them out and leave them to cool on a metal grill. They can be stored for several days, but put in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Whipped cream the liquid is beaten well until it maintains its shape and mixes when filling the profiteroals / donuts with caramel. Aaa, but let's not forget! Caramel we obtain it after melting the 75 gr of sugar, in a saucepan, together with 50 ml of water. When it binds and everything becomes a thick and golden syrup, pour the almonds / hazelnuts and mix a little and pour everything on a hard surface covered with baking paper. Let it cool and then put it in a bag and break it with a hammer for snails. Simple right?

Chocolate put in a saucepan and melt, stirring not to stick to the bowl.

Profiteroals cut in half and fill with whipped cream mixed with caramel. Yummyyy ... don't forget that you only have a delicious cold dessert: P

To enjoy this delicious cold profiterole with whipped cream and melon ice cream it is only necessary that in a bowl, large cup, platouas or what kind of bowl you have around the house, to put melon ice cream, about 3 pieces of profiterole filled and finally, so apotheotically, sprinkled abundantly with melted chocolate. That being said, dear ones, I urge you to enjoy this dessert ... now I leave you ... I have a fresh portion that screams at me. Leave you.....

Melon ice cream! A real delight

In the great heat of summer, a refreshing ice cream with a light and invigorating aroma works great! Fruit ice creams are the most suitable being full of vitamins and minerals from the fruit pulp. One of my favorite ice creams is the melon! 100% natural and with a reasonable price, it is prepared immediately!

What ingredients do you need for 800 ml of ice cream:

  • 1 box of natural or vegetable whipped cream 200 ml
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • & frac12 melon & ndash about 800 grams
  • 150 gr sugar cough
  • 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • a little ground ginger

And now let's get to work! The whipped cream should be left in the fridge for at least 2 hours before beating. This time I used Hulala vegetable cream which is already sweetened so I added about 80 grams of sugar to the ice cream, and it still turned out very sweet.

You need to start by beating the whipped cream hard with the mixer, according to the instructions on the package. If you want you can also use a sachet of whipping cream, but the ice cream comes out wonderful and without. After you have beaten the whipped cream, put it in the fridge and beat the egg whites until hard. When they have turned into a fairly strong foam, add the sugar and beat the egg whites until the sugar melts.

TYPE! You can add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice because it speeds up the sugar melting. And now all you have to do is prepare the melon. Put the melon pieces in a blender together with the vanilla sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix until a kind of smoothie comes out.

Now the 3 compositions must be incorporated. In the largest bowl, mix the egg white foam with whipped cream, and at the end, incorporate the melon juice. It must be carefully mixed from top to bottom with a fork so as not to leave egg foam, and the final result must be a homogeneous, slightly greenish composition.

I put the ice cream in 2 pans left over from the commercial ice creams and put it in the fridge. To get creamy and avoid the formation of "ice" I mixed once an hour.

A wonderful ice cream came out that was appreciated by the whole family. Personally, I like to take the casserole out of the freezer about 5 minutes before serving to thaw a little and become creamy.

Quick melon ice cream

Due to vitamins and minerals content, but also low in calories, melon is recommended to maintain the figure. Fragrant, juicy and refreshing, it is the ideal dessert in summer, along with & # 8220brothers & # 8221 or green. And making ice cream becomes a real delight. The only condition is to choose a type of melon and fragrant, because the rest, ie the preparation of ice cream, is a breeze.
For quickness, I preferred a cold & # 8220 & # 8221 recipe, and to get a dessert that was not only tasty, but also aesthetically, I served ice cream with a few slices of melon and put a chocolate topping on top. The combination of fragrant melon and slightly bitter chocolate will surely enchant anyone.

& # 8211 melon, peeled and peeled, cut into slices 1 pc. (600 g)
& # 8211 whipped cream (30% fat) 300 ml
& # 8211 caster sugar 130 g (depending on how sweet the melon is)
& # 8211 juice from a small lemon

In slices, with the help of a blender, turn the melon into a fine puree, together with the caster sugar and lemon juice. Beat the whipped cream (with the mixer, after keeping it cold, according to the manufacturer's instructions). Lightly incorporate the melon puree into the whipped cream. Mix well and put the composition in the ice cream machine.

At the end of the program, put the ice cream in the freezer for about two hours. Serve with a chocolate topping, possibly with a few slices of melon.

Calories: 165 kcal / 100 g.

You can get a creamy ice cream without a machine: take the ice cream boxes out of the freezer at least every two hours and mix very well (with a fork or mixer). Repeat the operation at least three times.

Watermelon ice cream with brandy

Watermelon ice cream with brandy from: melon, eggs, milk, whipped cream, brandy, vanilla sugar, sugar.


  • juice and core from a 1 kg melon
  • 5 yolks
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 200 g cream
  • 3 tablespoons brandy
  • 2 packets of vanilla sugar
  • 200 g sugar

Method of preparation:

Cut the watermelon in half, remove the seeds and cut the core into thin slices. Put in a bowl and powder with vanilla sugar. Yolks, sugar and milk are made into a composition, which is boiled in a bain-marie until it begins to thicken.

Set the pot aside and allow the composition to cool. Then add the brandy, the melon core passed through a sieve together with the syrup left. Place the composition in molds and place in the freezer to freeze.

Melon ice cream

Melon ice cream it's one of my favorites, so I couldn't help but try it at home. And my fa-bu-loa came out, alas, I have no words! If you also like melon, don't hesitate to try this super simple recipe.

Hmmm, I'm curious what a watermelon ice cream is like ?! I think I will try this one soon!

And if we are in this chapter, I want to tell you that the best investment in the kitchen this year was the ice cream machine and I recommend it to all lovers of good homemade ice cream. In our case, the device soon became our best friend and we put it to work every 3 days and so we always have fresh ice cream in the house. He doesn't get upset, and we rejoice every time we take something tasty and fragrant out of him.

P.S. For other homemade ice cream recipes click & # 8211 HERE.

Ingredients Ice cream with melon

  • 500 g melon core
  • 150 ml fat yogurt
  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • 3 tablespoons honey or to taste

Preparation Ice cream with melon

Put the melon in a blender and strain it.

Mix with honey, milk and cream and the homogeneous composition is transferred to the ice cream machine for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, transfer the ice cream to a bowl and put it in the freezer for about an hour, after which it can be served.

If you do not have an ice cream machine, put the ice cream mixture in a bowl or cake pan and put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours. In this case, you will have to remove the ice cream every 30 minutes and mix in it (with a fork or if you can with the mixer). It's a more painstaking job, but it's worth the effort.

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Ice cream with melon - a healthy recipe

Through the content of beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C, melon protects the body from free radicals and strengthens the immune system. Today I propose you a simple and delicious homemade ice cream recipe with melon!

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- 200 ml of milk
- 250 ml liquid whipped cream
- 100 g sugar.
Ice cream with melon - method of preparation
1. Mix the eggs well with the sugar until they melt, then add the warm milk and put the composition on the fire for about 15 minutes. Stir continuously so that it does not stick, then leave to cool.
2. Separately, peel the watermelon and cut into cubes. Mix in a blender until a puree is obtained, then add over the previously prepared composition. Incorporate liquid cream.
3. The composition is put in forms and placed in the freezer.

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