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"Labaneh" with chili- "Labaneh harra"

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Heat the milk over low heat until boiling; let it cool, but not at all, just be warm. Mix 4 tablespoons of warm milk with yogurt and add to the rest of the milk; mix well to homogenize. Transfer to a glass or clay pot and place in a warm blanket; leave for 6-8 hours until hardened.

Preparation of “labaneh”

The yogurt thus obtained is mixed well with salt and put in a piece of muslin; it binds and hangs on the sink faucet, letting it drain well of whey for about 10-12 hours; creamy labaneh is thus obtained. Or you can put it in a stainless strainer on top of a bowl and leave it in the fridge. Put the labaneh in a bowl. Add 1-2 tablespoons of hot pepper paste (as desired) and mix well.

Decorate with parsley leaf. Serve with markouk bread or mini sticks.

Good appetite!

Antonio di Vaio sauces, the promise of a delicious summer!

The use of fresh and authentic ingredients gives Antonio di Vaio pasta sauces a superior quality. We use only ripe tomatoes in the sunny regions of Sicily, carefully selected meat of controlled origin and the best vegetables, without adding dyes or preservatives.

Antonio di Vaio sauces are perfect for those who love the aroma of the Sicilian tradition and for those who do not want to give up the pleasures of enjoying a good food prepared quickly. Discover the promise of authentic Italian taste and choose from your rich range of Antonio di Vaio sauces and pesto your favorite option! Neapolitan sauce is one of the most famous sauces in Italian cuisine. From the original recipe I kept the tomatoes, onions, carrots and Italian herbs. Dress the pasta with Neapolitan sauce to give your meal the typical flavor of southern Italian cuisine.

Arrabbiata sauce is a preparation for those who prefer spicy food. As hot and hot as the chili flakes used in its preparation, it cooks quickly, with tomatoes abundantly garnished with garlic, parsley and hot peppers to get a taste. It is a pasta sauce also suitable for low-fat, vegetarian or vegan diets.

Basil sauce it is a symbol of Italy and the expression of the simplicity of the culinary tradition of the south of the country. Prepared from ingredients in the colors of the national flag: red, white and green, the basil sauce covers any kind of pasta with the taste of Mediterranean passion for healthy and well-made food. The sweetness of the tomato pulp, the sharpness of the onion and the delicate aroma of the basil give a sophisticated touch to any recipe prepared to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Olive sauce or “sugo alla puttanesca”, it is suitable for both long and short pasta. It is a sauce that borrows its flavor from the salty taste of olives and capers. To tame it, we combined it with sweet tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Tomato sauce with olives continues to be one of the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine.

Tomato sauce with mushrooms it is a versatile dish suitable for both pasta and rice, as well as white or red meat dishes. Mixed with steaming pasta, the sauce gradually releases its delicious flavors. The fleshy sponges, which rise after each rain, are cleaned, cut, smothered in olive oil and matched to taste with Italian salt and herbs. When it starts to bubble on the fire, add the juicy and sweet tomatoes and let it heat up “solo un attimo” until the flavors combine and the tasty sauce is ready to serve.

Bolognese Sauce, the most appreciated sauce in Italian cuisine, is named after Bologna, the city nicknamed La Grassa (Grasa) in recognition of the quality of local cuisine. Also called tomato sauce with meat, it is prepared according to a simple recipe, based on sweet tomatoes, cooked under the generous sun of Italy to which we add vegetables full of vitamins (onion, garlic, celery, carrot). For an authentic taste, we mix everything with beef and pork ennobled with a drop of red wine. We complete the aroma with extra virgin olive oil and a mixture of Mediterranean herbs. It is now ready to serve with long or short egg pasta.

Tuna sauce: If you miss the sea and you feel like a fish dish, we have prepared a healthy sauce that is only good to combine with pasta of all shapes. With only three main ingredients, tomato juice, fish and onions, tuna sauce is the quick and delicious solution whenever you want to cook something healthy and light. Anchovy paste and parsley add a fresh, authentic Italian flavor. Combine the sauce with short pasta in the shape of feathers, spirals or snails and remember the taste of summer!

Tomato sauce with ricotta is a variant of the classic Neapolitan sauce ennobled with the creamy and velvety texture of the cheese. The sweetness of the tomatoes and the subtle aroma of ricotta remind us of the taste of lasagna. Our modern recipe is based on a mixture of fine-tasting cream cheese, only a good pair with a slightly spicy aroma of matured cheeses. I added at the end, a spice of Mediterranean spices for a taste specific to southern Italy. All you have to do is mix it with your favorite pasta.

Carbonara sauce it is a mixture of Italian and American traditions. We put together delicious and nutritious ingredients in a creamy sauce: cream, cheese, bacon and eggs. Mix the sauce with long steaming pasta on days when you feel like a nutritious and filling dish. Try it in combination with our spaghetti and you will feel the flavor of a dish that has quickly become a symbol of Italian cuisine.

The fragrant basil, precious pine seeds and fragrant Italian cheeses and met in pesto sauce. The pasta would be well seasoned with its famous flavor, so we made room for it in our selection of sauces with a price advantage that will not go unnoticed.

The name of the dish comes from the Middle High German kugel meaning 'sphere, globe, ball' thus the Yiddish name likely originated as a reference to the round, puffed-up shape of the original dishes (compare to German Gugelhupf—A type of ring-shaped cake). Nowadays, however, kugels are often baked in square pans.

While Litvaks (Jews from Lithuania, northeastern Poland and northern Russia) call the pudding kugel, Galitzianers (Jews from southeastern Poland and western Ukraine) call it kigelia. [2]

The first kugels were made from bread and flour and were savory rather than sweet. About 800 years ago, Jewish cooks in Germany replaced bread mixtures with noodles or farfel. [3] Eventually eggs were incorporated. The addition of cottage cheese and milk created a custard-like consistency common in today's dessert dishes. In Poland, Jewish homemakers added raisins, cinnamon and sweet curd cheese to noodle kugel recipes. In the late 19th century, Jerusalemites combined caramelized sugar and black pepper in a noodle kugel known as Yerushalmi kugel or 'Jerusalem kugel' (Hebrew: קוגל ירושלמי), which is a commonly served at Shabbat kiddushes and is a popular side dish served with cholent during Shabbat lunch.

In Romania, this dish is called Macaroni pudding ('macaroni pudding') or Baba there. It is made with or without cheese, but almost always includes raisins. [4] In Transylvania, especially in the Hungarian-speaking regions, a very similar dish is called Vargabeles. [5] [6]

Savory kugel may be based on potatoes, matzah, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, spinach or cheese. [7]

Kugels are a mainstay of festive meals in Ashkenazi Jewish homes, particularly on the Jewish Sabbath and other Jewish holidays or at a tish. Some Hasidic Jews believe that eating kugel on the Jewish Sabbath brings special spiritual blessings, particularly if that kugel was served on the table of a Hasidic Rebbe. [8]

While noodle kugel, potato kugel, and other variations are dishes served on Jewish holiday meals, matzo kugel is a common alternative served at Passover seders which is adjusted to meet Passover kosher requirements.

Among South African Jews, the word kugel was used by the elder generation as a term for a young Jewish woman who forsook traditional Jewish dress values ​​in favor of those of the ostentatiously wealthy, becoming overly materialistic and over groomed, the kugel being a plain pudding garnished as a delicacy. The women thus described made light of the term and it has since become an amusing rather than derogatory slang term in South African English, referring to a materialistic young woman. [9]

Roman people call it pirogue. The Romani version is made with raisins, cream cheese, and butter. [10]

Crystal Palace - Newcastle: The hosts cannot rely on the scorer Zaha! Good odds for a balanced match

Crystal Palace - Newcastle is played today, from 22:00, in the first match of the 10th round of the Premier League. Both teams come after defeats and need points to not slip even further into the dangerous area of ​​the hierarchy.

Crystal Palace will have to do without Wilfried Zaha, who tested positive for coronavirus, in the home game against Newcastle. Roy Hodgson's team had started the season soaring, but the recent inconsistency has lowered Palace to 11th place.

The "Eagles" have collected 13 points in the nine games now played and receive Newcastle after the "exit" of sad memory from Burnley, 0-1.

Newcastle is even worse and comes to Palace after two consecutive defeats (0-2 with Southampton and 0-2 with Chelsea) and only one victory in the last five stages. "Coțofenele" are on the 15th position in the Premier League, with 11 points. Because, at the moment, the ranking is tight, Newcastle could climb to eighth place in the event of a success tonight. Likewise, Palace can go to the 7th position if it will tick the 5th success of the season.

Last season, Palace and Newcastle shared their victories, and each won their home game. The Londoners won 1-0 at home and it was also 1-0 in the tour, this time for Newcastle.

In fact, the last seven direct games have brought few goals, and balance was the watchword. Taking into account some important absences in the two camps, but also the current form, we expect, again, a very balanced game, in which few goals will be scored.

Turkish style spicy pan. saç kavurma

In my collection of woks, another one has grown, this time in the Turkish version, a frying pan called bag (pronounced saci). It is a steel (or possibly stainless steel) pan, shallower than the Chinese wok, in which the Turks prepare the famous spicy stew kavurma. In the inverted position (with the concave shape upwards & # 8211 depending on what types of handles it has) the pies can be baked gozleme or glues. Not to understand that it can't be replaced with the wok, just a bag small, with a diameter of 27 cm, it is a little easier to handle than a classic wok and copes brilliantly with 4 servings of food, plus it is aesthetically pleasing to put on the table on a special support or on a stainless steel bowl.

Like any steel pan, it must be burned and then seasoned before entering use, I explained in detail in the article about woks how to make it.

Kavurma is an excellent spicy stew prepared quickly & # 8211 stir-fry & # 8211 that comes from India, but was made famous by the Turks. It is also present in our kitchen but prepared in style slow food and it's called & # 8230pots! The same pot that the Bulgarians call it kavarma kebap.

In Turkey we find kavurma especially with lamb but also sheep, calf or chicken. In the case of lamb or chicken (or why not, some pork tenderloin) the meat is fried quickly, as I said stir-fry, then prepare the vegetables in the same way and combine with the meat. In the case of veal or mutton (ram), boil the meat beforehand to fry and then continue cooking in the pan, stir-fry.

Here's how I inaugurated the saç: ram meat (a healthy neck with bone) boiled for about 20 minutes on low heat and then cut into cubes, I fried it with a tablespoon of oil in a hot pan over high heat , about 3 minutes. I took out the meat on a plate and I fried the onion in the same way as to make it slightly golden, I added the finely chopped garlic. After a minute I added the meat, peppers, hot peppers and tomatoes, I ran them through the pan until the tomatoes softened (3-4 minutes). This was followed by a cup of soup mixed with one of pasatta of tomatoes, pepper, thyme, a pinch of cumin, salt.

I covered the pan, put it on medium heat and left it for 10 minutes, turned off the heat and added the chopped parsley. I put some fatty yogurt on the table labneh, can also be combined with pilaf. It is gourmet, Super gourmet! Don't forget a wine, we went on a Shiraz, a Pinot Noir, a Merlot or a Zinfandel would have gone very well.


Lent, also known as Lent, begins on Monday, March 2. Being the longest and harshest of the fasts ordained by the Orthodox Church, the renunciation of the & # 8222de dulce & # 8221 meal is done gradually, so that on the Sunday of the Fearful Judgment (this year on February 23) it is left to dry meat, and on Sunday Adam's expulsion from Heaven (this year on March 1) is left to dry. The week between the two Sundays, also known as White or Cheese Week (this year between February 24 & # 8211 March 1), is a preparatory one, in which you can consume dairy products, eggs and fish, and Wednesday and Friday is the release. for cheese, milk, eggs and fish.

A simple and delicious cocktail

Coquelet, or chick, as it is also called, is a small, tender bird that satisfies the appetite of a single diner. Being a high quality meat, whatever you cook it comes out good, but the version I thought of now, stuffed coquelet, makes it even more delicious.

The chick should be washed well and wiped. You need rice to boil halfway. It is mixed with aromatic herbs (parsley, thyme, etc.) chopped, turmeric and grated nutmeg. Add chopped prunes. Finely chop finely chopped onions and mushrooms and sauté, then mix with rice and greens and season with salt and pepper. Fill the coquelet with this mixture.

Make a marinade of olive oil, salt, pepper and rub the chicken with this oil. Sew the opening or tie the legs tightly so that the filling does not fall out of it.

Put root vegetables in the pan, pour the rest of the seasoning oil from the cockle and place the stuffed chicken on top of them. Bake at 180 o C for about an hour. Check that the hull is well penetrated. If it is still pink, moisten a sheet of baking paper and wrap the chick and leave it to bake for another 10-20 minutes.

The smaller the cocktail, the better.

From the kitchen of the peoples of the world

In the collections of the Central Library „B.P. Hasdeu ”has entered a new book collection, The cuisine of the peoples. It is a useful collection, for those who want to know more about the culture of a state, in this case the kitchen. There are 9 books in this collection, the countries being from all continents. At the beginning of each book there is a short history of each country and the culinary specifics, after which a series of country-specific culinary recipes are presented.

Virtual book exhibition

Delaney, Rain. American Kitchen Recipes / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca: Editura Urban life, 2009. - 192 p.

America & # 8230 the land of promise. At least that's what they think. Let's see how they look in the kitchen.
We cannot speak of a culinary style proper to this state, as long as the USA has been receiving emigrants for several centuries, thus taking over a series from almost all the cuisines of the world.
The turkey, however, is a culinary symbol of Americans, not absent from the table of their most important holiday, Thanksgiving. In terms of vegetables, it could be said that Americans are not big fans of legumes, the most popular being the pumpkin, used especially in the preparation of American pie. American cuisine knows the influences of the slaves brought here. They are responsible for the "barbecue" tradition, the habit of smoking meat, the habit of boiling and using the leaves of various greens, but also the pleasure of preparing and consuming hot sauces. This is how on the American table we can find Chinese lemongrass and broccoli next to Mexican chili, Vietman mint next to gorgonzola, croissant, sushi and polenta (polenta).

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Mexican cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca: Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.
If you have sat at the table, you will be brought to the small breakfast Huevos rancheros - fried egg served with tortilla and spicy tomato sauce huevos a la mexicana - omelette with tomato sauce
chilaquiles - tortilla fried in gogonele sauce, served with cheese, chicken and cream olla coffee - coffee with cinnamon and black sugar. That's what Mexican-style breakfast sounds like. We don't go into details when it comes to lunch or dinner, it might leave your mouth watering, especially since in Chisinau I don't know if there is a Mexican restaurant.
Mexican food is highlighted by burritos and cayenne, fajitas and refrijtos frijoles, but also other dishes specific to the people already mentioned above.

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Argentine cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca: Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

Beef is the main source of food in Argentina. Its version for grilling is called asado, all cooked over an open fire, in the family or in a circle of friends. In addition to meat, sausages are very common: chorizo, morcilla, ie our blood sausages, then the intestines - chinchuline: the famous mixed grill. If we talk about traditional cuisine, it would remind us of empanadas - salty pasta, dough, stuffed with cheese, ham, meat, seasoned with taste. Matambre, another wonder, meat roll with vegetables and eggs, cut into thin slices.

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from French cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca: Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

For the French, cooking is a symbol that defines their culture. French cuisine has several branches, depending on the area. Famous for the French culinary art are the sauces, most of which consist of cream, a mixture of spices and wine Béchamel, Béarnaise, Bordelaise, Rouille sauces are among the most known and appreciated.
France is known as the largest producer of cheese, but also of wine. Details about French cuisine can be found by consulting the book in question.

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Greek cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca:
Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

We all know that Greek civilization has left a special legacy to all mankind. The specific element of Greek cuisine is the common feast, but also the simplicity of the dishes. What do we serve in Greece? Definitely a slice of cheese. The art of making cheese is the gift that Aristaios, son of Apollo, gave to the Greeks. The girl is at the top of the list. Served with fruit, in salads, side dishes, appetizers or main courses, with a texture, more or less soft, with a more or less accentuated aroma, this assortment becoming, over time, the symbol of Greek cuisine. In the context of Greece being a country surrounded by seas, fish and seafood are traditionally on Greek tables. More details about salads and wine, as well as other traditional dishes can be found in the book.

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Moroccan cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca: Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

In Morocco, lunch is the main food. Before the traditional tanjine stew, Moroccans always serve a salad. Bread is an important element, being used as a cutlery. Couscous, an ingredient of Berber origin, most often accompanies lamb or chicken.
Sweets are also part of the traditional Moroccan menu. The best known are kaab el ghzal (prepared from almonds and hazelnuts) and halwa shebakia (prepared from sesame and honey) and are eaten mainly during Muslim fasting.

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Lebanese cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca: Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

The preparation of chickpeas in Lebanon is diverse, no matter how different a kebab or a portion of kebab is. On the same Lebanese table you will find wines reminiscent of Bordeaux, ayran, chicken seasoned with cinnamon and saffron.
To get an opinion about Lebanese cuisine, you must first taste the salad of cereals with tomatoes, mint and parsley, the salad of croutons with tomatoes, mint and cucumbers, chickpea paste with sesame, eggplant salad with sesame and pomegranates and of course „Sărmăluțe & # 8221! In the vine leaf.
Finally, the gastronomy here is a mixture of ingredients from different regions, a rich mixture of flavors and colors.

Delaney, Rain. Thai Cuisine Recipes / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca : Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

The Thai chef does not need units of measure to decide the amount of an ingredient used. Its role is to combine the four tastes that make up a traditional dish. The salty taste is generally given by the salt and fish sauce that you will find everywhere in Thai recipe books. The sour taste comes from lime, rice vinegar and quite often from unripe fruits such as mango. The most important note is given by the sharpness of the pepper or curry. Throughout the pages of this collection, it will be noticed that words such as "decorate" or "garnish" rarely appear.

Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Arabic cuisine / R. Delaney H. Green. - Cluj-Napoca:
Editura Urban life, 2008. - 192 p.

The most popular food served for breakfast is LABNEH, served with olives, dried mint and olive oil. The morning snack is a consistent one for those who work - chickpeas, foul. Lunch is considered the main meal of the day and is traditionally served after the afternoon prayer. The main meal consists of portions of meat, chicken or fish next to rice, lentils, burg, bread or stewed vegetables and salads.
Dinner is a light meal and yet an important one, consisting of pasta, kebab, shawarma or dishes similar to lunch.

Dauphinoise with dried tomatoes Beaten fennel

Sometimes a meatless meal is great. At Sanatatea in Bucate, Marius prepared a classic French recipe: Dauphinoise and a delicious cream & # 8211 whipped fennel. Comfort food, ideal in the cold season.

What does Dauphinoise mean?

Dauphinoise is a method of cooking potatoes originating in the Dauphiné region, located between the Alps and the Rhine Valley in southeastern France. Basically, we are talking about thin slices of potatoes, au gratin.

The name comes from & # 8222dauphin de France & # 8221, a title used for the heir to the throne of France from 1350 to 1791 and from 1824 to 1830.

In the original Dauphinoise recipe we will not find eggs, because the potato starch was considered to be enough to bind the composition. Cream appeared as an improvement in the 1700s, then, in the early twentieth century, Escoffier add Gruyére, Comté or Beaufort cheese to the recipe and beaten egg with sour cream.

Dauphinoise with dried tomatoes


  • 150 g fresh goat cheese
  • 600 ml liquid cream
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 300 ml milk
  • 1.5 kg of potatoes
  • 300 g of dried tomatoes
  • 150 g ripened cheese
  • 50 g parmesan
  • nutmeg
  • fresh rosemary
  • thyme

Mix sour cream with fresh cheese, garlic, nutmeg, salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices with a mandolin.

In a baking dish place a layer of potatoes over which pour the sour cream mixture and then place another layer of potatoes, a layer of sun-dried tomatoes, sour cream and so on until you finish everything. Send the dish to the oven and bake for about an hour. Towards the end, add the ripened cheese and the dried tomato pieces on top.

Beaten fennel


  • 2 pieces fennel
  • 600 g boiled white beans
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 125 ml oil
  • 75 ml sour cream
  • 60g parmesan
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • rosemary
  • chili
  • Lemon

In a pan with a drizzle of oil, fry the fennel seeds, rosemary, chili and a clove of garlic. Add the fennel cut into pieces and brown it a little, then send the pan to the oven for 30 minutes.

Blend the boiled beans with oil and garlic, add the baked fennel and blend well. Add 75 ml of sweet cream to obtain a creamy, delicious paste.

Andy Gill, founding member and guitarist of the British post-punk band Gang Of Four, has died

Andy Gill, a founding member and guitarist of the British post-punk band Gang Of Four, has died at the age of 64, informs BBC.

Author: R.B. Sunday, February 2, 2020, 3:02 p.m.

His bandmates, Thomas McNeice, John Sterry and Tobias Humble, announced his death in a statement released online: "Our great friend and supreme leader has died today."

Gill had been diagnosed with respiratory disease after touring in Asia with the band in November.

"This pain is the price paid for an extraordinary joy, about three decades with the best man in the world," wrote his wife, Catherine Mayer, on Twitter.

His style marked the sound of the band that influenced groups such as Nirvana, Fugazi and Franz Ferdinand.

Founded in 1976, in Leeds, the Gang Of Four career began four years later, with the Top 60 debut of the song & bdquoAt Home He's A Tourist & rdquo, from the album & bdquoEntertainment! & Rdquo. The album was included by Rolling Stone magazine in its list of the 500 best albums of all time. The group disbanded in 1984, but returned to the stage several times, in various formulas. & Icircn 2019, released the tenth album, & bdquoHappy Now & rdquo, and recently Gill had completed a new studio material with Gang Of Four.

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